About Company

MUR-BET Firma Drogowo-Budowlana (MUR-BET Road building and Constructing Company) was established in 1982. In 2007 it transformed into MUR-BET Przedsiębiorstwo Inżynieryjne Ltd. (MUR-BET Engineering Enterprise Ltd.). MUR-BET is a family company run by Stanisław Śledziński (Civil Engineer) as a chairman and his sons Filip and Paweł. The company employs over 35 people including designers, civil engineers, construction masters, workmen and road menders.

Our services:

- road and sewerage works
- bridge works
- construction works
- steel and reinforced concrete structures (also prefabricated)

We also provide any engineering, non-standard and prototype services. At MUR-BET we design land engineering objects of any kind as well. Our experience and skills help us to cope with difficult and challenging projects.

MUR-BET is located in Dąbrowa by Poznań. We have our own workshop with a storage area and a gantry crane. We also owe a 30.000 m2 yard in Bolechowo by Poznań, where we are planning to open a concrete-mixing plant.

In our seat we have:

- a metalworker’s - mechanical workshop
- carpenter's shop
- concreting plant
- metal constructions plant
- specialized equipment fleet and workshop infrastructure

Our head office and design studio is located in Poznań.

Our main businesses are services for public investors in (public orders).
Time and again our investors write letters of reference in recognition of a high quality and workmanship precision of our works.
To guarantee the highest quality of our services and products we projected and introduced a Quality Management System (System Zarządzania Jakością) that is up to PN-EN ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. Our trade-mark is the high quality and reliability.

Capabilities Mur-Bet

Road works: (constructions and renovations)

  • roads and streets
  • squares
  • sidewalks and bicycle paths
  • car parks
  • groundwork
  • green belts


Bridge works: (constructions and renovations)

  • small steel, reinforced concrete and wooden bridges
  • foot-bridges (also prefabricated)
  • retaining walls
  • sheet pilings
  • prefabricated reinforced concrete and other underpasses
  • construction, installation and renovations of bridge railings
  • renovations of historic bridges and underpasses

Steel constructions: (constructions and renovations)

  • workshops and halls
  • car ports and shelters
  • made to order metal-works (railings, ladders etc.)

Reinforced concrete and concrete constructions

  • workshops and halls
  • storage bins, silos, tanks (including liquid manure tanks)
  • strip and raft foundations
  • acoustic screens

Sewerage and drainage works:(construction)

  • main drains and storm drains
  • manholes and kerb inlets


Prefabrications of concrete and reinforced concrete elements:

  • pillars, legars and reinforced concrete foundations
  • concrete slabs
  • reinforced concrete pillars
  • concrete front elevation slabs
  • retaining walls (see here)
  • non-standard concrete and reinforced concrete elements


Fences and gates:

  • mesh fences on steel and reinforced concrete posts
  • barbed wire fences
  • fences of steel elements
  • brick fences
  • sliding gates
  • steel gates and wickets of any kind
  • foundations and plinths (also prefabricated)
  • installations of other producers fences


Design of roads and streets